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Sanddas Design provides a great set of tools made to make some features of a digital asset management platform available to everyone. It allows you to convert files formats, resize images, and extract text from images. Sanddas.Design is free to use for everyone.

Resize Image Online

Keeping the aspect ratio intact, resize images without losing quality for the most accurate results

Resize Images

File Converter Tool

Using the converter you can convert jpg to png, png to jpg, or any other type of file. Change the file type for your uploaded files, and then download them.

Converted Files

Text Extractor Tool

Users will be able to extract text from any image using the text extractor. The tool will provide you with the text from an image. Copying to your clipboard is easy once the files are extracted.

Extract Test

Rich Text Editor

Users will be able to create html tags like table, list, paragraph, heading after creating their content. Copying to your clipboard is easy once their content is ready.

Rich Text Editor