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27 Funny History Posts That Prove Classical Art Makes For The Best Memes

Posted by M. Garcia

Classical art may not be for everybody, but thankfully memes are universally loved. The users over at r/trippinthroughtime pay homage to history's most classical art by turning them into memes that are way too hilariously relatable. This subreddit puts a modern spin on historical art and proves that some art truly is timeless. Be sure to vote up the funniest classical art memes!


Read more Posted On Dec 05, 2021

The Creepiest Unexplained Stories In America

Posted by Jacob Shelton

Ax murderers! Serial killers on the loose! Sounds that will drive men to madness! You’ll find all that and more on this list of the creepiest unexplained stories from the US. America has only been around for a little over 200 years, but in that short amount of time, we’ve managed to build up a considerable amount of spooky phenomena and mysterious events.


Read more Posted On Dec 04, 2021

Frequent Travelers Describe The Scary Experiences That Made Them Want To Stay Home

Posted by Damon Davis

Traveling is a mostly exciting time but occasionally something happens that sends a shiver down your spine. These travelers took to Reddit to describe the moments while they were out and about that really scared them.


Read more Posted On Dec 04, 2021

35 Drool Worthy Recipes for Your Next Dinner Party

Posted by Jessica Lawshe

You've sent the invitations and planned the playlist, so you’ve just got one more thing to nail down before throwing the most epic bash ever: the party food! Did you completely blank on what to feed your guests? Relax! We've got you covered with the best dinner party food ideas.

Read more Posted On Nov 25, 2021

Mother Lets Her 8 MO Baby Eat Dirt And Sand To Build His Immune System

Posted by No Author

Parents have the freedom to chose how they wish to raise their children, yet some methods are frowned upon by many.

People were divided over a mother’s choice to let her baby eat dirt and sand, claiming it “builds his immune system,&r...

Read more Posted On Nov 25, 2021

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