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Mom Instantly Starts Crying When She Gets Word Her Baby Boy Is Safe After Missing For 36 Hours

Posted by Mel Johnson

Source | Posted On December 06, 2021 at 12:32 AM | Like  1

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1-year-old Blaise was missing for 36 hours but his mother, Deonna Bray, wept with joy when the call came in that he'd been found safe.

While carrying groceries from the car to their apartment in Georgia, Deonna Bray and Xavier Barnett experienced a parent's worst nightmare. Someone hopped inside their unlocked vehicle and took off with the couple's 1-year-old son, Blaise, still inside.

The boy's parents immediately called the police. And while the authorities located the stolen vehicle later that day, Blaise wasn't inside.

Boy Goes Missing For 36 Hours

Needless to say, Blaise's parents were heartbroken and terrified.

"I've never been away from him like this where I don't know where he's at, so I'm hurt," Deonna said, pleading for help in bringing her son home safely.

It's one of those moments where you feel completely helpless. So, the family turned to the most powerful tool — prayer!

Deonna Bray and her family gathered together and prayed for baby Blaise's safe return. And just two hours later, police called to report they'd found the boy who had been missing for 36 hours!

"I started crying," Deonna recalled. "I just knew, now I know my baby is safe."

A stranger who doesn't live very far away was the one to find Blaise. She left her home to go and run some errands but when she got to her, she found the baby inside. She immediately called the police, who confirmed this was the same boy who'd been missing for 36 hours.

No one knows exactly when or how baby Blaise got into the stranger's car. But a medical evaluation at the hospital showed him to be perfectly healthy. And his family is so grateful to God for bringing their precious child home safely!

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